Teach Yourself Design

01. Get a design crash course through interactive tutorials

The dilemma is this: you’re pressed for time and money but you need to learn the basics of design, including terms and main principles fast. If that’s the case, then a hands-on tutorial like Canva’s 30 interactive design tutorialscould be exactly what you need.


These tutorials can equip you with the foundation you need by giving you a design principle or lesson to focus on, then asking you to apply or practice that principle immediately. It’s intuitive learning and can be immediately applied to your future design projects.

Some design tutorials to instantly improve your skills:

Of course, it’s best to finish all 30 design tutorials, but if you want a crash course, here are some tutorials you can start with and use instantly:

Working With Colors

The colors you use in your design convey the moods and highlight important sections of your design. These tutorials will show you how to build meaningful color relationships to create visually stunning graphics: Color Your Design,Color Relationships, and Creative Color Palettes.

Working with Fonts:

If you can play around with your text and images, you can create strikingly powerful designs. These tutorials will help you learn how to easily choose fonts that emphasize your message and make your designs look beautiful:Choosing the Right Font, Font Pairing Basics, and Tips for Titles.

Layout & Alignment

Another important aspect of design is your layout. The layout gives structure and purpose to your design. Learn the art of alignment with these three tutorials: The Art of Alignment, Working with White Space, Harnessing Hierarchy.


Sarah Mora

02. Follow design blogs and read design books

Any student knows that learning is an ongoing process. With an ever-changing industry, it’s easy to get lost, or worse, become irrelevant if you don’t keep up. So, as a self-learner, you’ll need to remain updated with the latest news and trends by following design blogs and reading design books.


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